Mr. Thiesmeyer’s English IV – British Literature

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Readings & Assignments


I.                   Review Syllabus/Course Expectations/Requirements

a.     Student Information Sheet

b.      Syllabus

c.       Video permission form

II.                Begin College Portfolio Project

a.     Establish student login info (student login/student email)

b.     Activate Office 365 account (using student email)

c.      Create Student Resume

                                                             i.      Complete Outline

                                                           ii.      Type, print, & submit Resume

1.     Sample

d.     Complete FAFSA ID

e.      Complete Texas Common Application

                                                             i.      Essay Topics A, B, & C

f.       Procure sources for letters of recommendation (x3)

g.     Begin Research Paper

                                                             i.      Complete College Questionnaire

                                                           ii.      Complete Research Paper Template

                                                        iii.      Works Cited Information

h.     Portfolio Checklist

III.             Begin Anglo-Saxon Period

a.     Receive Timeline

b.     View and discuss power point on the history of England and the birth of the English language

                                                             i.      Complete study notes

c.      View and discuss power point on the Anglo-Saxons and the Epic/Epic Hero

                                                             i.      Take notes

                                                           ii.      Complete Anglo-Saxon/Epic Quiz

d.     View History Channel Documentary: Barbarians – The Saxons

e.      Begin reading Beowulf (translation: Burton Rafel)

                                                             i.      Read & discuss part one: Grendel Attacks the Danes

1.     Answer study questions

                                                           ii.      Read & discuss part two: The Coming of Beowulf

1.     Answer study questions

                                                        iii.      Read & discuss part three: Unferth’s Challenge

1.     Answer study questions

                                                        iv.      Read & discuss part four: The Battle with Grendel

1.     Answer study questions

                                                           v.      Read & discuss part five: The Battle with Grendel’s Mother

1.     Answer study questions

                                                        vi.      Read & discuss part six: The Battle with the Dragon

1.     Answer study questions

                                                      vii.      Read & discuss part seven: The Funeral Fire

1.     Answer study questions

f.       Complete Beowulf/Epic Graphic Organizer

g.     Beowulf Project

h.     Complete Anglo-Saxon/Epic/Beowulf Study Guide

i.       View the film Beowulf

j.       Take Section I Exam

IV.            Begin The Middle Ages Pt. 1: The Canterbury Tales

a.     View & discuss power point on The Middle Ages

                                                             i.      Take notes – Handout

b.     Discuss Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales

                                                             i.      Take notes – Handout

c.      Read the exposition to The General Prologue in both Middle English and the translation & discuss:

                                                             i.      Setting

                                                           ii.      Symbolism

                                                        iii.      Purpose

d.     Begin The Canterbury Tales mini-project:

                                                             i.      Get assigned a character(s)

                                                           ii.      Read their portion of the prologue – characters & line numbers

                                                        iii.      Create summary

                                                        iv.      Create image

                                                           v.      Display

e.      Read & discuss The General Prologue

                                                             i.      Fill out graphic organizer

                                                           ii.      Complete The General Prologue study questions

f.       Read & discuss The Pardoner’s Tale

                                                             i.      Answer study questions

g.     Read & discuss The Wife of Bath’s Tale

                                                             i.      Answer study questions pt. 1

                                                           ii.      Answer study questions pt. 2

h.     **Extra credit opportunity – Read: The Miller’s Tale

i.       Take The Canterbury Tales Mini-Test

V.               Begin The Middle Ages Pt. 2: The Arthurian Legends

a.     View & discuss power point on Medieval Romance and the Arthurian Legends

                                                             i.      Take notes

b.     Begin Heraldry (Coat of Arms) mini-project

                                                             i.      View & discuss power point on the Heraldic Tradition

1.     Heraldry mini-project

a.     Symbols

                                                                                                                                     i.      Template A (male)

                                                                                                                                   ii.      Template B (female 1)

                                                                                                                                iii.      Template C (female 2)

c.      View History Channel documentary: The Quest for King Arthur

d.     Read & discuss “King Uther Pendragon, The Lady Igraine, & The Birth of Arthur”

                                                             i.      Answer study questions

e.      Read & discuss “The Legend of Arthur and the Sword in the Stone”

                                                             i.      Answer study questions

                                                           ii.      View Disney’s The Sword in the Stone

f.       Read & discuss “The Lady of the Lake and Excalibur”

                                                             i.      Answer study questions

g.     Read & discuss “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”

                                                             i.      Answer study questions

h.     Read & discuss Sir Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte D’Arthur” (Abridged)

                                                             i.      Answer study questions

i.       View Excalibur and/or King Arthur

j.       Complete The Middle Ages Review

k.     Take The Middle Ages Exam

VI.            Begin The English Renaissance

a.     Read Introductory Chapter & complete CRA

b.     Discuss poetic forms, rhyme, meter, & structure

                                                             i.      View & Discuss power point on Pastorals

1.     Read, discuss, & answer study questions for:

a.     Christopher Marlowe’s A Passionate Shepherd to his Love

b.     Sir Walter Raleigh’s The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd

c.      Discuss conceit (see example: Robert Herrick’s The Vine)

1.     Read & discuss John Donne’s The Flea

2.     Answer study questions

d.     Read, discuss, & answer study questions for Robert Herrick’s To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time

                                                             i.      Discuss The Sonnet (history, types, form, structure, content, & purpose)

1.     Begin Sonnet Project

a.     Assign sonnets

b.     Identify sonnet type, author, & title

c.      Deduce rhyme scheme

d.     Scan the poem

e.      Define any difficult words

f.       Write a brief Explication

g.     Write at least 3 study questions (w/ answers)

h.     Present sonnet to class

                                                                                                                                     i.      Rubric

e.      Begin Shakespearean Theatre

                                                             i.      Complete CRA on Shakespeare & His Theatre (from the textbook: page 284)

                                                           ii.      Begin reading The Tragedy of Macbeth   Character List

1.     Scenes (PPT)

a.     Study questions for Act I

b.     Study questions for Act II

c.      Study questions for Act III

d.     Study questions for Act IV

e.      Study questions for Act V

2.     Take Macbeth Mini-Test

f.       Review for & take English Renaissance Exam